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Hot Stone Therapy

Instructor: Stanton Daniels

Hours: 12

Price: $198 (add $65 if you want to buy our stones but must be ordered at least a week in advance)

Date: T.B.D.

Time: T.B.D.


Course Description

Hot Stone Therapy is the application of smooth heated stones and are used to relax tissues in the body to allow for deeper bodywork. Potential benefits to both the therapist and client are covered along with protocols on preparation, use, and care of hot stones. ABMP guidelines for use of hot stones is taught and practiced in this class.

Supplies to bring: 2 hand towels, 1 bath towel, sheets, lubricant (oil preferred), bolster (for your comfort on table), pen and paper.

*Stone sets are available for purchase but not required for class attendance.

Hot Stone Therapy


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